20/20 Hindsight: Being Gay* in Bruce and Grey



Stories Collected by Joan Beecroft
Foreword by Kate Reid
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“This is a queer book,” writes singer-songwriter Kate Reid in her Foreword to 20/20 Hindsight. “The stories here disrupt stereotypes, beliefs, and taken-for-granted assumptions about gender, sexuality, bodies, desire, and relationships.”Joan Beecroft has spent the last couple of years talking to members of the Grey-Bruce LGBTQ+ community about what it means to get old here. Why stay? And what does the future look like for LGBTQ+ individuals?

These powerful stories from 20 local contributors are challenging and direct. They are also contradictory: some say it’s easy for seniors to be out, others say it’s difficult; some say the community is accepting, others say it’s isolating. As Kate Reid writes, “The stories in this important collection comprise an archive of queer senior life in Grey-Bruce and demonstrate the diversity, richenss and commonalities of human experience.”
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