To celebrate its 40th anniversary, The Ginger Press in downtown Owen Sound will be serving cake after the Festival of Northern Lights are turned on, during the evening of Saturday, November 16. One of the oldest independent bookshops in Canada, The Ginger Press is also this region’s largest publisher of local books as well as MOSAIC magazine. With over 100 books in print, and more on the way, the company remains true to its focus of keeping our stories alive and preserving them for future generations.

“When the internet goes down, there will still be books,” says owner Maryann Thomas. “And we continue to ensure that as many as possible are about Grey and Bruce. Our business has changed over the years,” she continues. “Our absolute commitment to words on paper has not. From our inception as a mailorder supplier of craft books from the general store in Kilsyth, to our independent trade bookshop on the main street in Owen Sound, to our tentative first steps into publishing, to the present iteration with our 100% focus on local books and authors, The Ginger Press is a place where local writers and readers can find the books that connect them.”

Established in 1979, The Ginger Press moved to its present location in 1984 and began publishing books in 1987, when it was determined that there was a need to get more local books into print. Since then, The Ginger Press has published over 100 books and continues to produce a few new titles every year. 2019 will see the launch of eight works of poetry, history and art, including new books from Richard Thomas, Andrew Armitage with John Fearnall, Bonita Johnson de Matteis, Stephen Hogbin, Rob Rolfe and Larry Jensen, and more.

“We are collecting store memories for the anniversary event,” says Thomas. Customers, authors, cafe patrons, former tenants and staff, friends and everyone else who has connected with The Ginger Press over the years is invited to submit their memories. The only restriction is that it be on 8.5×11” paper (or sent via email – to be included in the Ginger Press Memory Binder.

The changes in book publishing over the last 40 years have been monumental. New technologies in producing books and book alternatives, as well as selling books, have decimated the book industry; however, small independent publishers and booksellers such as The Ginger Press are learning to adapt by modifying their book production and distribution methods. The decision made over a decade ago by The Ginger Press to go 100% local and carry new as well as out of print books provides this community with the largest selection of options ever.

Located at 848 2nd Avenue East in the heart of Owen Sound, The Ginger Press continues to celebrate the past and future of Grey-Bruce through its remarkable stories.